Evergreen Market

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Evergreen Market is well known for being a local food marketplace, specializing in Michigan-made products. Fresh produce, local honey, beer and wine—you name it. In fact, Evergreen’s ready-made items are also a specialty. They produce a wide variety of easy weeknight meals and ready-to-go lunch offerings, even fresh baked pies for dessert!

evergreenmarket.cmc-8 copyThe Evergreen Market deli cooler is stocked full of “Local Foods with a Worldly Flair,” including homemade beef or black bean enchiladas, quiches, pot pies, stuffed grape leaves and more. Their tamales are made in a traditional fashion, with pork and an authentic blend of peppers for seasoning. They also offer vegetarian tamales, which are lentil based with lots of delicious vegetables mixed in. These can serve as a quick, easy snack or be made into a whole meal for the entire family.

If you’re nearby Acme for lunch don’t hesitate to drop-in. Evergreen Market makes fresh wraps, sandwiches and about a dozen soups made from scratch using local ingredients. They always serve at lease two hot soups daily on a rotating basis and when you find your favorite, they’re also available in single serve portions in the freezer.

evergreenmarket.cmc-6 copyLast but not least — dessert. Evergreen Market’s homemade pies are loaded with fresh fruit, and very little added sugar. They produce dozens of flavor combinations to satisfy any taste and they take special orders for parties, special occasions, or just because.

You can view their TLD listing for contact information or find an updated, and constantly evolving menu here.

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