OK, so this one’s title is “A Guide to Fall Food”, but most of the stuff listed here is available now.  

By Tricia Phelps Harvest often concludes with a social celebration of the season. It’s a time to remember the energy and hard work that has been poured into the fields, while recognizing that success is based on the whim of Mother Nature. Growers gratefully honor the harvest of the season by sharing their food with others. […]

Print out this page and take it to one of the Black Star Farms tasting rooms in Suttons Bay or on the Old Mission peninsula to redeem a very generous 20% discount on their Red House line of wines.  You can also redeem the coupon online at http://www.blackstarfarms.com using the code (RH).  The coupon discount […]

And on this Valentine’s Day please remember our TLD partners who are in the business of making gorgeous and tasty chocolate treats. Grocer’s Daughter https://www.grocersdaughter.com/ Chocolate Exotica   http://chocolateexotica.wordpress.com/      

A Review of the Film “Fresh” By Tricia Phelps There are countless documentaries making comments on the current state of our food system. They each differ in varying degrees of tragedy, omission, honesty and optimism.  “Fresh” became part of that ever growing panoply of films in 2009.  The film’s director, Ana Sofia Joanes, sets “Fresh” apart […]

By Bill Palladino I like this one.  My family tries very, very, hard to narrow our waste stream.  It’s evident every week on our street.  Our neighborhood’s garbage service uses bright red bags, and in the snow we’ve had they stand out.  Our home only has a red bag in front of it once a […]

By Tricia Phelps As we embark on a new year, many people are voicing aspirations of change & resolution for the months ahead. I love food too much to even think about grandiose plans for dieting, but I can’t help feeling lethargic after the past few weeks of excessive food & drink. To break in […]


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